ShopNet is a Point of Sale information system that can precisely and appropriately capture
and manipulate all transactional data of a supermarket in relation to sales, purchases, reports,
profits and liabilities.

Key Features include:
Business Automation – Automating the business processes in a supermarket.
Bin Card – Tracking item movements between the supermarket and the stores.
Discount Handling – Handling weekend and promotional discounts.
Barcodes – Generating barcodes, and use of barcode readers.
Data Backup- Central data storage, and automatic backups.

Key Benefits include:

  • Automatic statistical reports
  • Enables accurate stock taking
  • Simplifies entry and retrieval both in store and at the sales point
  • Automatic accounting capabilities
  • System can ably analyse data regarding sales made, stock, customers and suppliers to the supermarket.

Download ShopNet Briefer