Data Care (U) Ltd and the Uganda electronic S ingle Window (UeSW)

Data Care (U) Ltd and the Uganda electronic S ingle Window (UeSW)

TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) is working with Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) and Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives to setup an Electronic Single Window (SW) in Uganda. The objective of the Uganda Single Window (UeSW) Project is to facilitate traders to simultaneously submit information requirements for trade regulatory documents, such as: customs declarations; applications for import and export permits; certificates of origin; and trading invoices, through a single online portal/window.

To have this Electronic Single Window come to reality TMEA is working with a number of trade facilitation agencies in Uganda by primarily automating their processes hence allowing traders to lodge applications online as well as receive licenses and permits through the same means. In this regard, Data Care was contracted in 2012 by TMEA to automate UNBS business processes and finally link the established UNBS E-portal to URA’s business systems(Asycuda) thus enabling the two Trade bodies to work together primarily through the ePortal and UeSW. The integration of the two systems is to allow exchange and processing of information. UNBS is the first Trade body to integrate to the Uganda Electronic Single Window.


The main objectives of UNBS are to formulate and promote the use of National standards and to develop quality control and quality assurance systems that will enhance consumer protection, public health and safety, industrial and commercial development and international trade, among others.

The main tasks Data Care has under taken to bring UNBS to the Uganda Electronic Single Window include the following:

  1. Automation of the Goods inspection process.
  2. Online tracking of the status of Goods in inspection.
  3. Establishment of an online repository of trading documents for quick reference.
  4. Publicizing of goods standards for traders.
  5. Access of traders and Clearing agents to the e-portal for self Service.
  6. Electronic printing of Goods Clearance Certificate.
  7. Electronic Notification of the status of a Traders good thus keeping the trader informed.
  8. Integration of the URA electronic payment system to enable instant notification of Payments.
  9. Integration of the UNBS e-portal to URA business system thus eliminating paper work and real-time availability of information across both systems.
  10. Integration of the PVOC service providers to the UNBS e-portal thus availing real-time information on Certificates of Conformity for all imported goods prior to their arrival to the country.
  11. Provided Customized Management reports for quick decision making
  12. Electronic dashboard to provide status information on various processes at a glance.
  13. Advisory services for the infrastructure requirements for the e-portal to work efficiently.


To-date as a result of the UNBS e-Portal all goods are inspected and tracked through this system.  The trade body is realizing business benefits both financial and non-financial that will see it realize its objectives in the long run.

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