CASSOA Core Values

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In addition to the EAC Core Values of accountability, transparency, unity in diversity, allegiance to EAC ideals, the following CASSOA core values which to an extent mirror the Partner States’ CAAs values in their oversight functions.

1. Integrity

The Agency deals with both civil aviation staff from Partner States and industry operators. Success of the regulatory functions will depend on the levels of openness, and moral ethics of the Agency staff. Any actions that compromise the integrity of the Agency will consequently affect the attainment of the Agency Mission and Vision. It is against this background that integrity forms one of the core values of the Agency.

2. Professionalism

The Agency staff will demonstrate professional competence and mastery of subject matter in their area of expertise. Staff will show pride in their work and achievements, be conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines and achieving results.

They will also be motivated by professional rather than personal concerns and show persistence when faced with difficult problems or challenges at the same time remaining calm in stressful situations. This will ensure that the industry has trust and respect for Agency staff, thus allowing for a successful conduct of oversight functions.

3. Respect

CASSOA staff and Partner States CAA personnel will show respect for each other and for the aviation industry stakeholders and the public. Discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, age, religious beliefs, or economic/social status shall be avoided.

4. Teamwork

Aviation, more than any other domain, requires cooperation between many different stakeholders. Teamwork is, and must remain, a characteristic of the relationship among members of the Agency, the aviation industry, the Partner States and other stakeholders.

Staff shall work collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organisational goals; be flexible in team role, rank team success higher than personal competitiveness, support and act in accordance with final group decision.

5. Regional Focus

The policies and actions of CASSOA and its staff should be seen to foster regional integration both in actions and in intra-regional physical presence. This will help subdue feelings of domination by some Partner States with those with more developed aviation sectors.

CASSOA Staff or any other person appointed or authorised to perform any function by the Agency shall not be biased based on nationality.

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January 7, 2014



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