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Linkage map of sorghum N13X E36-1 based -RIL populations

The root hemiparasitic weed Striga hermonthica is a serious constraint to sorghum grain production in the ECA. A genetic linkage map of sorghum of N13X E36-1 based -RIL populations are geared at displaying loca... Read more.

The Small seed plot and Select-the-best Technologies

Despite of the increasing demand for potato and the great interest that farmers have in potato farming, the crop’s productivity has been declining owing to insufficient quantities of healthy, high-yielding seed ... Read more.

Utilization of Bean Innovations for Food Security and Improved Livelihoods in Eastern and Central Africa

Traditionally  common  beans  (Phaseolus  vulgaris  L.)  are  of  great  importance  for  household  food  and nutrition  s... Read more.